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The 10 best destinations in the world to see northern lights

The 10 best destinations in the world to see northern lights


The 10 best destinations in the world to see northern lights

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The 10 best destinations in the world to see northern lights

If there is a natural phenomenon that surprises and does not leave anyone indifferent to witness it, that is, without a doubt, that of the Northern Lights.

We have selected the best places to enjoy this spectacle of nature, so take the camera, put warm clothes in the suitcase and get ready to live an indescribable experience.

Tromsø, Norway

Crossing the Arctic circle, you will reach Tromsø, a city that will surprise you with its delicious local cuisine, its lively nightlife and, of course, being one of the best places in the world to see northern lights. In addition, you can navigate the fjords in search of whales.

Yukon Territory, Canada

Approach its capital, Whitehorse, and feel the taste of the ‘gold rush’ that its streets give off. This place is also essential if we talk about northern lights: green, pink and purple skies await you in northern Canada. And, as a climax, you can go fishing in its frozen lakes, look for gold nuggets in the river as the explorers did or fly over the snowy landscapes by plane.

Fairbanks, Alaska

The second-largest city in Alaska, Fairbanks, is a perfect destination to have fun with winter activities such as driving a sleigh with huskies or taking a snowmobile without losing sight of the landscapes around you. An experience considering that it is an incredible place to enjoy those skies full of northern lights. And, in addition, you can sleep in a cabin in the middle of nature!

Yamal Peninsula, Russia

Welcome to the end of the world! Frosty, breathtaking landscapes and virgins await you in western Siberia to introduce you to the indigenous peoples who have adapted their lives to the harsh natural conditions of the Arctic. All this makes this corner of the planet a paradise where you can see the colorful northern lights.

Ilulissat, Greenland

The city of Ilulissat, whose name means iceberg, boasts the largest ice masses in the entire northern hemisphere. Declared a World Heritage Site, its fjord is a paradise for lovers of icy landscapes and a perfect destination to see the northern lights.

Abisko National Park, Sweden

In this natural park, located in the middle of Swedish Lapland, you can see Nordic fauna as characteristic as polar foxes, reindeer or elk. But the most impressive of this place is the Aurora Sky Station: aboard a chairlift, you will crown the top of the mountain and you will be able to see, in a privileged way, the much sought after Northern Lights. 

Did you know that it is one of the areas with more clear days a year in northern Europe? Ideal to see the northern lights!

Lake Inari, Finland

The largest lake in all of Lapland and the territory of the ‘Sami’ boasts of being one of the best-preserved nature reserves in Europe. Wild nature, snow adventures and, of course, the northern lights are waiting for you in this lake that stays frozen from November to June.

Westfjords, Iceland

Iceland is a perfect destination for any nature lover: seeing icy waterfalls, snowy landscapes or trekking through glaciers is an experience that will remain engraved in your memory. But if this were not enough, this country has the privilege of being one of those places where you can see the northern lights in an incomparable environment. One tip: do it in the western fjords and be surprised by the landscape of the least populated and wildest region of the country.

Svalbard, Norway

If what you want is to live an extraordinary experience, travel during the so-called polar nights and feel what it is like to live 24 hours a day without sunlight. 

Between October and March, the months of the eternal night, the chances of seeing the spectacle of the northern lights increase considerably. You will be lucky to see them at any time of the day!

Kola Peninsula, Russia

In this area of ​​Russia, the Soviet air that you breathe will catch your attention. In the city of Murmansk, the most populous in the world past the Arctic circle, you can visit even nuclear icebreakers. An ideal place to hunt the northern lights and to be surprised while walking through very different streets to the European.

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